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Raistlin Majere.jpg
A photo of Raistlin Majere while wearing the Red Robes.
Photo credit: Nick Barfuss

Aurak Draconian.jpg
A photo of an Aurak Draconian.
Photo credit: Niki-UK

Majere Family Emblem.jpg
An image of the Majere Family Emblem.
Photo credit: Tavin Springfingers

A photo of Mina during the War of Souls.
Photo credit: Psycha Durmont

Krynn and Moons.jpg
A photo of Krynn with all three moons.
Photo credit: Canlocu

Kerianseray Comic.jpg
A photo of Kerianseray.
Photo credit: Nick Barfuss

Legion Mystic.jpg
A photo of Legion of Steel Mystic.
Photo credit: Lindsay Archer

Dragon Armor.jpg
A drawing of Dragon Armor.
Photo credit: Sticko

A sketch of Moreen.
Photo credit: Munin

Inn of the Last Home.jpg
A drawing of the Inn of the Last Home.
Photo credit: Drazoul Dracotheris