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Five founding members

Hi Dragonhelm. I thought I would get your discussion page started with a question relating to the birth of Dragonlance Nexus. ;-)

The section called The Nexus Era on the About page has this text which does not make sense: 'The newly-formed Whitestone Council was comprised by a number of dedicated fans, including five founding members who are also current members: Dragonhelm, Paladin, Dragonbane, and Arek Brimstone.' (Stress added by me.) The list only names four people, rather than five. Were there five or four founding members? If there were five, who was the other one? If there were only four, it will be easy to fix, but if there was a fifth founding member then someone from that era (like yourself) will need to say what that extra founding member did for The Nexus. David "Big Mac" Shepheard (talk) 10:58, 30 June 2011 (UTC)

That's all incorrect anyway, as I think I'm one of the few founders left. There was me, Paladin, Dragonbane, Clarion, I think Weldon, a couple of other's a blur. Makes me wish I kept better records. Little did I realize we'd be around this long looking at DL as history. - DH