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Gilon Majere (? AC - 342 AC) was a woodcutter in the village of Solace. He had brown eyes that had a sadness to them, broad, kind face with a cheerful, placid expression, and thick brown hair. Gilon was very secretive about where he would go to chop wood. He would leave his home before dawn with his dog Amber, and head out to the woods to cut wood until very late at night.

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Ariakan Ariakas (334 AC - 383 AC) was a peerless swordsman who was the son of Duulket Ariakas and the goddess Zeboim. In the Age of Despair he founded the Knights of Takhisis and conquered far more of Ansalon with his dark knighthood, than his father had with the mighty Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance. A brilliant commander and strategist, Ariakan was described as being particularly handsome in his youth, and during the Summer of Chaos, he was described as being tall of stature and having tanned skin, as well as being muscular and hearty...

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Ragh (ca. ? AC -? AC) is a sivak Draconian who was one of the traveling companions of Dhamon Grimwulf following his departure from the Heroes of the Heart. Ragh was over ten feet tall with broad shoulders and covered in the normal silver scales of a sivak. The draconian had jet black eyes and stubby horns along the sides of it's head. One of the horns had been split whilst Ragh was enslaved by the dragonspawn in Polagnar. The draconian's wings had been amputated, leaving two great scars on his back, and his claws had been removed as well, leaving blunt human-like fingers remaining. His claws reformed and became metal after he dipped them in a pool of quicksilver in the Kharolis Mountains. (Read more...)

Huma Dragonbane (? – 1018 PC), born Huma of Eldor, was born the son of Durac, a Knight of Solamnia, and Karina. He had one other known relative named Rennard who was his father's brother. Huma never knew his father, because Durac was killed one year after becoming a full Knight, while protecting a pass from Hylo that would have flanked the Knights. Lord Oswal of Baxtrey took Huma under his wing, and told Huma he had always viewed him as a son.(Read more...)

Raistlin Majere by Nick Barfuss.
Raistlin Majere (RAIST-lin mah-_jeer_ ) ( Corij 17th, 326 AC383 AC ) was arguably the most powerful mage who ever lived. He was also one of the famed Heroes of the Lance, and was directly responsible for the defeat of the Queen of Darkness and her dragonarmies during the War of the Lance, although his part in that was largely to further his own ends. After the war, Raistlin raised the curse of Rannoch on the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas, and put his plan to challenge Takhisis for her position in the pantheon of gods into action. Tormented by the Dark Queen in the Abyss for many years, Raistlin returned to Krynn shortly before the Second Cataclysm, departing with the gods when they struck their bargain with Chaos in 383 AC. Raistlin played a brief role in the return of the gods to Krynn during the War of Souls, but never returned to Krynn. (Read more...)

Uristathan Cavolox's (ca. 4400 PC - ca. 500 PC) origins are hazy at best. Known to most as Vedvedsica (Ved-ved-SEEK-ah) which means "wise fellow". It is known that he had at least one daughter named Ri Om. He was also the great-uncle to Vvelz and Li El. (Read more...)

Serinda Elderwood.jpg
Serinda Elderwood ( Mishamont 7, 283 AC - ? AC) was of the Silvanesti Elf Elderwood Family, but was the last of line once they were all killed during the War of the Lance. Like most Silvanesti, she was cool and aloof, but was more open-minded and accepting of the other races. She had a regal bearing and stature; she was more sympathetic to those in need, and she hates pirates and bandits. She developed a puckish sense of humor after being with Kronn that would sometimes shine through. Extremely generous, she was always willing to help those in need.(Read more...)

Grogan Stonethews (? - ? AC) was a Hylar Dwarf who had light brown skin, gray hair and distinctive coal-black eyes. He carried a Staff of Curing and usually wore a suit of chain mail, over which he wore a coat with the symbol of Reorx. The Dwarven cleric is as dour as the next dwarf, however he always tended to put a positive spin on things, as well as quote dwarven proverbs in order to inspire mental stimulation and creativity in those around him.(Read more...)

Drawing of Nystallina Dalendra.
Nystallina Dalendra ( 265 AC - ? AC) was a lithe and agile Silvanesti elf, who had long blond hair. She only stood at five feet tall and was quiet spoken, due to her sad past and the loss of her parents. Her constant traveling companion is a powerful mountain lion called Kai-She, and she has a close kinship with the kender of Kendermore, who she often visits and calls her friends. (Read more...)

Zebulah (? - ? AC and 426 AC) was a middle-aged, clean-shaven human Red Robe wizard. He had long brown hair. Zebulah would wear red robes stitched with luminous thread. He had the ability to cast a spell on himself so he or others could breathe under water and he had the ability to extend his life with magic. Zebulah was also able to speak Sea Elven.(Read more...)