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The Rainward Isles are a set of islands located in the northeastern reaches of Taladas, beyond the Storm Sea and north of The Black Forests. The isles once formed part of the mainland of Taladas, and were the easternmost part of the Aurim Empire. However during the Great Destruction, the land was sundered and the islands were created and pushed out eastwards, beyond the Storm Sea.(Read more...)

Soulsplitter was an axe made of extremely rare metal called Star Metal. The axe was able to cut through armor as if it wasn't even there, could cleave through a huge stone in a single blow, and wasn't affected by the deaths of the Skorenoi. Soulsplitter was simply made, had a black iron haft four feet in length, wrapped in leather, gave off a slight warm feeling, and capped with a massive, double-bladed axe head that shone with golden in light. No scratches, dents, or dust even marred this after being in a pit for 2,000 years. (Read more...)

The Brothers of Freedom was a resistance group located in Palanthas. It was formed sometime after the Summer of Chaos to fight the Knights of Takhisis that occupied the city. Most of the public believes the group to be a myth. (Read more...)

Mysticism is the magic of life itself, strengthened by an individual's heart and soul. Mysticism is the ambient form of divine magic, requiring faith in one's self. It was once believed that Mysticism only affected living things or the spirits of the departed. There has been evidence since of mystics whose divine power affect non-living things as well. (Read more...)

The Age of Dreams is often considered the beginning of recorded history, and runs ca. 9000 PC - 960 PC. Three time periods collectively form the Age of Dreams: the Foundation (ca. 9000 PC - 5000 PC), the Time of Light (ca. 5000 PC - 2000 PC), sometimes referred to as the Age of Light, and the Time of Knights (ca. 2000 PC - 960 PC).

(Read more...)

The Ursoi are Bear-like people who live in the southern polar region of Krynn. They resemble upright Polar Bears with striped fur, clawed fingers, and can be ten feet tall. (Read more...)

The Advent of the Lightbringer or "Vizilovios Ihomua" was one of the prophecies in What Shall Come: The Foresights of Psandros the Younger, one of

Psandros's book. (Read more...)

Adlatum, the mysterious third continent of Krynn has been unexplored for centuries. Its existence only heard of in rumors, it's tales untold waiting for a chance to unfold to a willing audience. From the cold and callous reaches of the noble Ogres to the untamed southern jungles Adlatum sets itself apart from both Ansalon and Taladas. It is a land of exploration and intrigue where the Gods have taken a personal interest in the people, where the touch of the fabled Gray Gemstone endowed the Dragons of Adlatum with abilities beyond those of their brethren across the sea, and the races of Krynn have experienced cultural and physical changes that differentiate them from the other lands of the world. (Read more...)

The Dome of Creation is the home of the gods of Light, in the Outer Planes of the Cosmology of Krynn. The dome was originally built to protect the world of Krynn from the often turbulent storms that would rage within the Ethereal Sea, and is the source of positive energy for the world. (Read more...)

Dwarf Spirits is the favored drink of many of the races of Ansalon, but is made only by Dwarves. It is made from the fermentation of a specific mushroom that grows in underground caverns. (Read more...)