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Type Humanoid
Subtype Ogre
Size 8' - 9'
Coloring yellowish
Relations Abaqua Ogre
  • Hill Giant
  • Lands Blöde
  • Kern
  • Icewall
  • Ring Mountains

  • Ogres are the firstborn of the Gods of Evil. The ogres were once the most beautiful and intelligent creatures of Krynn. They ruled a mighty empire and enslaved Humans as their servants. During the Age of Dreams, Igraine, a powerful Ogre governor learned compassion from a human slave when he saved Igraine's daughter from certain death. Igraine decided that slavery was wrong and tried to explain to the other ogres how they were wrong in enslaving humans. Igraine was called an insane heretic and sentenced to death. Igraine fled with his followers to an island in the Dragon Isles and hid there. The humans then rose up and rebelled against their former masters. The ogres were cast down and made as ugly and cruel as their dark souls were. Their empire was crushed. The ogres remained in the mountains and kept their nation around the Blöde region. Eventually the mountains were literally overrun with ogres and some of them had to migrate onto the plains for living space. These plains ogres formed the nation of Kern. The two nations drifted apart over time, although they still traded with one another.

    The Kernen ogres are known as brutish and vicious, whereas the Blöde ogres are known to be pretentious and haughty. Kernen ogres are more nomadic and live in small settlements on the plains, whereas Blöde ogres live in cities and towns. There is another smaller settlement of ogres in Icewall, around the Suderhold region. The Suderhold ogres are akin to their Blöde cousins.

    Overall the ogre nation has always been strong, and since their fall, always allied with the dark forces. Ogres are prominent mainly on Ansalon, since their Taladas cousins have been hunted down by the Imperial League. Small pockets of ogres still exist on Taladas, but not to any great extent. The largest pocket of ogres in Taladas, reside in the Taladan Ring Mountains. Present-day ogres have yellowish skin, are eight to nine feet tall, and have gray eyes. They are physically powerful, albeit not overly-intelligent.

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