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Magic is divided into two powers known as divine and arcane magic. Divine magic is the power of faith, and is powered by belief, heart, and spirit. Arcane magic is the power of creation, stemming from the elemental powers of creation. The powers of arcane and divine magic exist in two states—the ambient energies surrounding the world of Krynn, and the focused energies that are derived from the connection of the gods to mortals.

Ambient magic exists in the form of Mysticism (ambient divine magic) and Wild Sorcery (ambient Arcane magic). These magical arts were practiced in the early Age of Dreams, but were largely forgotten by the end of that era, not to be rediscovered again until the Age of Mortals when the power of Chaos was unleashed into the world, boosting ambient magic to levels usable by mortals.

It is the harmony between gods and mortals that the powers of clerical magic (focused divine magic) and High Sorcery (focused arcane magic) come. Clerics draw their energies directly from the gods, while wizards draw upon the power of High Sorcery, an arcane "pool" of magic all wizards can tap into.

Types of Magic