Grogan Stonethews

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Grogan Stonethews
Alias None
Birth ? AC
Death ? AC
Race Hylar Dwarf
Gender Male
Nationality Thorbardin
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Coal-Black
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Class Cleric
Occupation Cleric of Reorx
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown

Grogan Stonethews (? - ? AC) was a Hylar Dwarf who had light brown skin, gray hair and distinctive coal-black eyes. He carried a Staff of Curing and usually wore a suit of chain mail, over which he wore a coat with the symbol of Reorx. The Dwarven cleric is as dour as the next dwarf, however he always tended to put a positive spin on things, as well as quote dwarven proverbs in order to inspire mental stimulation and creativity in those around him.

The Hylar cleric originally dwelt in Pax Tharkas with a branch of the Hylar dwarves, and with the rediscovery of the true gods following the War of the Lance, he went forth amongst the other races to teach them about the ways of Reorx. As a highly respected priest of Reorx, all dwarves as well as many humans, elves and other civilized races, received his wisdom with respect. Once Grogan felt he had enlightened all those in the surrounding Pax Tharkas region about the ways of Reorx, he journeyed across Ansalon. The cleric taught many about Reorx, and also learnt a great deal himself about the other gods, particularly Paladine.

Feeling that his holy pilgrimage was complete, Grogan returned to his clan in Pax Tharkas, where he continued to teach the dwarves about Reorx's tenets of faith as well as Paladine's. Grogan was well known for his tun of purity, in which he brewed the most amazing ale that any dwarf swore they ever had. The cleric would prefer the exquisite brew for only the most special or holy of occasions.