Eye of the Storm

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The Eye of the Storm was a brass astrolabe artifact dedicated to Zeboim. The powers are used on the open waters at sea. When a devout follower of Zeboim calls forther her name, and holds the astrolabe aloft, the caster's vessel comes to a halt with the water out to 400 feet become calm. The water beyond that for 3 miles becomes a huge squall, that either sinks or forces pursuing vessels to flee. The storm will continue until the vessels are gone.


A strong minotaur pirate and devout follower of Zeboim, Garm Es-Talos was the first known to have had possession of the Eye. He ruled the Northern Courrain Ocean for years with the use of the Eye, and a large following of like-minded pirates. Eventually, some of his greedy rivals saw a chance to get rid of him. They made a deal with Istar to give them Garm's head in exchange for gold and pardons. Garm was lured into a trap, and in the battle he was killed and his body lost at sea. The rest of the pirates were betrayed by the Istarians, and either kiled or captured. The Eye was then found and taken by the Istarians, and put in the Hall of Sacriledge.