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This page will be set up so those that want to contribute to the Lexicon can have better coordination. All questions and talk needs to be done on the discussion page. Thank you!

List of Novels

(Bold) means the entire novel is on the Lexicon.


Most important.

  • Dragons of Autumn Twilight Kranar
  • Dragons of Winter Night Kranar
  • Dragons of Spring Dawning Kranar
  • Time of the Twins
  • War of the Twins
  • Test of the Twins
  • Dragons of the Dwarven Depths ZepposLindus
  • Dragons of the Highlord Skies ZepposLindus (taking notes - done, writing articles - done, adding content - 60%)
  • Dragons of the Hourglass Mage ZepposLindus (taking notes - done, writing articles - 30%)
  • Second Generation, The
  • Dragons of Summer Flame


  • Tales of Uncle Trapspringer
  • Players of Gilean, The
  • The Middle of Nowhere Canlocu
  • Dragons in the Archives: The Best of Weis & Hickman
  • Last Thane, The
  • Tears of the Night Sky
  • Puppet King, The
  • Reavers of the Blood Sea
  • Siege of Mt. Nevermind, The
  • Murder in Tarsis
  • Dalamar the Dark
  • Citadel, The
  • Inheritance, The Canlocu
  • Defenders of Magic
  • Night of the Eye
  • Medusa Plague, The
  • Seventh Sentinel, The
  • Dragons of Krynn
  • Dragons at War
  • Dragons of Chaos
  • Dragons of Time
  • Dragons: Worlds Afire
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Wanderlust
  • Dark Heart
  • Oath and the Measure, The
  • Steel and Stone
  • The Companions
  • Darkness and Light
  • Kendermore
  • Brothers Majere
  • Riverwind the Plainsman
  • Flint the King
  • Tanis The Shadow Years
  • Soulforge, The
  • Brothers in Arms
  • The Odyssey of Gilthanas
  • Magic of Krynn, The
  • Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
  • Love And War
  • Reign of Istar, The
  • Cataclysm, The
  • War of the Lance, The
  • Best of Tales, Volume One, The
  • Best of Tales, Volume Two, The
  • Before the Mask
  • Black Wing, The
  • Emperor of Ansalon
  • Hederick the Theocrat
  • Lord Toede
  • The Dark Queen
  • Knight of the Black Rose ZepposLindus
  • Spectre of the Black Rose
  • Weasel's Luck Neanie
  • Galen Beknighted Neanie

List of Games