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A draconian by Henry Martinez.
Type Humanoid
Subtype Unknown
Size Unknown
Coloring Varies
Relations Dragons
Lands Teyr

Draconians are the human-sized corruptions of dragon eggs. Most of the initial experimental work on draconians was done by Takhisis, as she worked on brass dragon eggs and silver dragon eggs on the remote continent of Taladas. The results of these early experiments were the Traag Draconian and the Sesk Draconian, which were both precursors to the Baaz and Sivak draconians that were later used in the War of the Lance. The Traag and Sesk were deemed as failures for various reasons and left behind in Taladas, whilst Takhisis used her followers to refine the creation process in Ansalon for her armies.

Shortly before the War of the Lance, the cleric Wyrllish, the mage Dracart and the ancient Red Dragon Harkiel developed a process to corrupt dragon eggs into draconians. The Dragonarmies of Takhisis initially used the already-captured eggs of good Metallic Dragons to create draconians with evil tendencies.

The Dragon Highlords used draconians as crack troops during the War of the Lance. Because of their connection to dragons, draconians are immune to dragonfear and seem to worship the evil dragons. Draconians are more likely to follow orders than the typical Ogre or Goblin (or mercenary, for that matter), some can use magic—clerical and magic-user spells, and each draconian has a special attack that is carried out at the end of its life. They wear a sword from the moment they are born and took to wearing long heavy cloaks to disguise themselves when travelling.

Draconians are immune to human diseases and are rumored to have a lifespan of nearly 1,000 years.

Noble Draconians

During the latter years of the War of the Lance, the desperate dragonarmies performed the corruption ritual on the eggs of evil Chromatic Dragons, resulting in draconians with good tendencies known as the Noble Draconians.

The "original" draconian types used during the War of the Lance are as follows: Baaz, Kapak, Sivak, Bozak and Aurak. Of these five types, Auraks are the only draconians without wings, and the Sivaks are the only ones who can truly fly.

The "noble" draconians are the Frost Draconian, Venom Draconian, Vapor Draconian, Lightning Draconian, and Flame Draconian. Of these five types, only the lightning and flame draconians can truly fly.

Types of Draconians

List of Draconians