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The culture of a Society can be defined by it's arts, entertainment, and literature. There can be different cultures in different nations, and there can also be shared cultures among nations or continents.

There are many Arts of Krynn like paintings and tapestries that adorn the halls of nobles. There are also groups of thespians that travel around putting on Plays for those who appriciate a good show.

For entertainment, look to the Festivals and Balls that a nation has. You will also find penty of Foods and Drinks to consume when you are visiting an area. But look out for the Games that Kender play to swindle, er... gamble with those who enjoy that kind of entertainment.

Culture can also be found in the many Books of Krynn writen in almost every Language spoken by the people of Krynn. The Songs, Poems and Ballads that can be heard in every tavern or inn can give a since of other cultures to those who don't travel away from their own communities.