Brothers of Freedom

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The Brothers of Freedom was a resistance group located in Palanthas. It was formed sometime after the Summer of Chaos to fight the Knights of Takhisis that occupied the city. Most of the public believes the group to be a myth. The founder and leader of the group was the former senator Neltan uth Mishakal who formed the group after being imprisoned and tortured for six weeks by the Dark Knights. Neltan would find out about various activities of the knights and filter them to his daughter, Katyana uth Mishakal, as advice. She would then act on the advice and keep Lord Knight Sir Elstone Kinsaid in check. During the party celebrating Katyana's thirty-five years of being in the senate the Brothers of Freedom attempted to assassinate Kinsaid. The attempt was stopped by the Dark Knight Vinkal Keenedge, who was wounded doing so. Vinkal knew that Neltan was the leader of the rebels, but for love of Katyana he told Kinsaid that the assassin acted alone as he died in Katyana's arms.