5000 PC

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Millennium: 5th millennium PC
Centuries: 51st century PC 50th century PC 49th century PC
Decades: 5030s PC   5020s PC   5010s PC   – 5000s PC –  4990s PC  4980s PC  4970s PC
Years: 5003 PC 5002 PC 5001 PC 5000 PC 4999 PC 4998 PC 4997 PC

5000 PC stands for the five thousandth year before the Cataclysm, during the Time of Light in the Age of Dreams.


  • The Smiths grow too prideful of their skills at the forge and spurn Reorx. In retribution, the god curses them and turns them all into gnomes.
  • The original gnomoi of Taladas take the newly created minoi under their wing and care for their god-cursed cousins.


None at this time.


None at this time.